You Can Get Vaccinated Even If You Haven't Filled The Online Form

June 7, Kathmandu- Those who have not filled the online form for the first stage of vaccination will also get it.

The Ministry of Health and Population said in a decision today. Ministry spokesperson Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel said on Monday that there was no compulsion to fill in the online form.

According to him, people have been asked to fill up an online form to estimate the amount of vaccine needed and not form crowds. He said, "Some people have questioned whether they will get the vaccine later if they do not fill the form online. Even if they do not fill the form, they will not be deprived of the vaccine. The vaccine can be given in turn according to the age group."

"We have not been able to arrange for vaccination by filling up the online form," he said. "Vaccines are not made in our country, they have to be brought from abroad.