UML General Convention Election Used 100 Voting Machine Above 5 Million

Nov 28, Kathmandu- Around 100 voting machines have been set up for the ongoing CPN-UML General Convention in Chitwan. UML is going to spend Rs 5 million on the voting machine prepared by Ram Laxman Innovations. Ram Rijal, the co-founder of Ram-Laxman Innovation, said that the UML was going to use the voting machine built by Ram Laxman for Rs 5 million.

After the UML expressed its commitment to using voting machines in its general convention, Ram Laxman has prepared 70 more machines at his own expense. "We already have 40 machines. We have built another 70 machines at our own cost after the UML demanded 100 machines for the general convention," Rijal said.

According to him, this voting machine has been prepared at a cost of more than one crore rupee in a month. He said that the voting machine was being prepared for the election. We have invested in it not only for the General Convention but also with long-term thinking. We expect the demand to increase in the coming days, ”he added.

In the year 2011/012 A.D., the Ram-Laxman Rimal brothers had built the first electronic voting machine in Nepal. This electronic voting machine has been used in more than 100 elections of various chambers of commerce, cooperatives, Nepsakun, and Self-Help. Similarly, Nepal Jasij has used a voting machine in five consecutive elections.

According to Rijal, the issue of whether the election will be held in the UML General Convention or not is still unclear even though his company has prepared the machine for voting. "We have made all the preparations for the voting. If there is no election, there will be little problem in raising our current investment, ”he added.

This time, UML has made the tenth general convention electronic. UML had collected donations from mobile wallets for the convention. Similarly, digital boards, social networks, websites, SMS, radio jingles, and social media such as YouTube and Tiktok were used for the campaign.