Actor KC Announces To Cast Paul In Movie And Music Video(With Video)

April 18, Kathmandu-  Kiran KC known popularly as "Raata Makai" is a Nepalese actor, producer, television personality, singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who was born on June 29, 1958 AD. 

KC started as a theatre artist along with Maha Jodi from Rashtriya Naach Ghar. He is known for his comic timing. He is also known for his performance in Je Bho Ramrai Bho (2003), Ta Ta Sarai Bigris Ni Badri (2000), and Jire Khursani (2003 to 2015 AD).

He has been actively associated with television since its early days in Nepal and has appeared in a handful of comedy pieces. He has been seen on the Nepali comedyTV Serial "Jhire Khursani" and became popular among Nepali viewers as Rata Makai.

KC has acted in several telefilms and about 50 feature films.KC was a producer on the feature film Shatru Gate (2018 AD). Similarly, Race(2019 AD), Dal Bhat Tarkari(2019 AD), Chhakka Panja(2018 AD), Sathi Ma Timro (2012 AD), and so on. He was also awarded by National  Flims Academy as the best comedy actor for meri Aama and Gorakha Dakshin Bahu in 2005 AD.

Speaking on the Headline Nepal Bishesh program with Presenter Sanjeeb Regmi, he said that in order to uplift the world of Nepali cinema, the government of Nepal should make a different kind of policy and rules. He said that since Paul Sah is an artist with a good image from all over the world AS everyone knows about it.

 He also will work on his two songs quickly with Shah after he is released from jail and then he will start making a film that suits him.KC added he is going to Tanahu soon to meet him.