How To Take A Passport Size Photo Without Being 'Rejected'?

Jun 20, Kathmandu:  You probably know about the usefulness of passport-size photos. Now that most of the work is done online, we have to send passport-size photos online.

In the past, going to a cyber or photo studio to take a photo was not a problem. Because they design according to the purpose for which the photo was taken. Even now, most passport-size photos have to be provided physically. Passport size photos are required when filling out a form online. But if you do not find a way to take a photo, it is likely to be rejected. Today we are telling you to be careful while taking a passport-size photo.

Where passport size is required, it is often sensitive. If something is not found in the photo, the firm is most likely to be rejected. Here are the things to look for when selecting yours. In the front of the photo, the whole face, both ears, open eyes, closed mouth, and face should have a natural expression. The head should look full, in the case of women, the hair can be placed anywhere in front of or behind the shoulder for ease.

1. Dress modestly.
2. Keep your head straight.
3. Use plain or any plain color for the background of the photo.
4. There should be no shadows on the face and background.
5. Glasses, hats, or head coverings should not be used for anything other than daily wear.
6. Use normal light and contrast.
7. The duration of the photo should not exceed six months.
8. Photo sizes vary for different purposes. So you have to pay attention to what you are pulling for.
9. The head and shoulders should be visible in the photo.

Note: The firm may be rejected if you re-use the scanned photo or the previous photo from the camera.
The quality of the photos that have to be submitted online also creates obstacles in sending. So using an online image compressor you can reduce the quality of the photo and adjust it to the appropriate size in the form.

If you follow the procedure mentioned above, your photo will be easily accepted by the concerned body.