Agreement Between KU And PABSON For Education Sector Reform

Jul 2, Kathmandu: An agreement has been signed between the School of Education under  Kathmandu University(KU) and the Private and Boarding School's Organization Nepal (PABSON) for the betterment of the education sector in the country.

School of Education The Dean P.D. Balachandra Luintel, and Pabson central chairman DK Dhungana also signed the letter to improve the education sector in the state. Speaking on the occasion, Dean Dr. Luintel complained that there is a shortage of various subject teachers in the education sector as the manpower to study education is declining in the country and pointed out the need to change the negative attitude towards the current generation towards living in Nepal.

He said, "Since the government has not been able to start new work in education and there is an administrative system in the private education sector, only 25 percent of the manpower being produced in the country seems to be involved in the government sector." He said that it was important to use a broad vision for the development and expansion of the education sector.

Similarly, Chairman Dhungana expressed the view that Pabson has to do various things to bring positivity in the field of education and to the people of the region. He said, "We have adopted a policy of improving community schools in line with the goal of providing quality education to the people of the country." He said that the quality of education would not be maintained if the teachers affiliated with every educational institution in the country were not fast.

Similarly, Dhanapati Subedi, Associate Dean of Education, said that education should be transformed by finding out what materials are needed to improve every subject teacher in the education sector of the country. TR Dhakal, the vice-chairman of the PABSON Central Working Committee, accused school-level education of being commercialized and said that every educational sector in the country should be reformed to stop the drought.

Pabson Central Training Coordinator Krishna Prasad Adhikari said that he was happy to reduce the number of students going to study in India to two percent by making a suitable arrangement for 18 percent of the students who go to study in India every year. During the program, it was stated that the grievances of the teachers would not be addressed for the education reform and building of capable educational manpower in the country and necessary manpower would be created in the education sector.