Bumrah Sets New Record In Test Cricket

Jul 3, Kathmandu- Jasprit Bumrah, the acting captain of the Indian Test team and a fast bowler, has set a new record. He set a new record by scoring 35 runs in one over in the fifth and final Test against England.

On Saturday, the second day of the Test, Bumrah hit 35 off Stuart Broad in the 84th over to set the record for most runs in a single over in Test cricket history. Broad hit fours in the first ball of the over, five runs in the second ball with wide, sixes in the next ball with no balls, free hits, three consecutive fours in the third and fourth balls, sixes in the fifth ball, and one run in the last ball.

Earlier, West Indies' Brian Lara, Robin Peterson, Australia's George Bailey, James Anderson, and South Africa's Keshav Maharaj had scored 28 runs in a single over against Joe Root. Which was the highest run scored in a single over in a Test. Now their record has been broken by Bumrah.