Now All The Services of The Information Department Are Online!

Jul 3, Kathmandu: All the services provided by the Department of Information and Broadcasting will now be provided online. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki inaugurated the BRLMS, DMS, Information Management System, and CAS SMS online system provided by the department today.

On the occasion, government spokesperson Karki said that the IT sector was linked to the prosperity of the country and directed to make the online service launched by the department user-friendly, socially useful, effective, inspiring, exemplary, and safe. He said, "Today is the age of information and technology.

Today, the world has turned into a global village. We need to develop information and communication technology and move towards benefiting the country from it." He said that the future of the country should be explored within ICT by attracting foreign youths by understanding the importance of the information and technology sector.

Minister Karki said that there is a golden future in the field of IT as well as in water resources, tourism, and commercial agriculture. Stating that the potential in the field of IT should be turned into a practical opportunity in the coming days, he stressed the need to move ahead in line with the government's goal of making the country prosperous.

The department started an information management system under online service last year. In the current fiscal year, 927 newspapers, 38 television, 251 radio, and 1497 online have submitted their posts, according to the department. So far, the number of journalists taking press representative certificates is 31,025, said the Director-General of the Department Gogan Bahadur Hamal.

In the current fiscal year, 2,092 press passes have been distributed and 2,557 press passes have been renewed. Similarly, 662 registrations and 677 renewals have been registered in the current fiscal year and 3,463 have been registered online so far, said Director General Hamal.

Communications Secretary Dr. Baikuntha Aryal informed that 90 percent of the services of the Ministry of Communications have been provided online with the objective of fulfilling the aspirations of Digital Nepal. Chairperson of the Minimum Wage Determination Committee Sangeeta Khadka and General Secretary of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Roshan Puri stressed the need to implement the minimum wage for journalists.

The department includes Press Representative Certificate, Identity Card Issuance and Renewal, Online Media Registration and Renewal, Newspaper and Journalist Archive Management, Public Information Management and Distribution, Press Registrar Performing Responsibilities, Formal Photography of Government Events, Collection and Distribution and Distribution of Informational and Educational Materials. Has been working On the occasion, Minister Karki also inspected the department, Press Council Nepal, and the Minimum Wage Determination Committee.