Should The Chatpate And Maize Be Sold In Hotel Now?: Karishma Manandhar

Jul 4, Kathmandu- Actress and UML leader Karishma Manandhar has expressed disagreement with the policy of Kathmandu Metropolitan City to control street trade.

 A few days ago, she expressed her disagreement through the social network Facebook regarding the action taken by the city police against the couple who were selling roasted maize. "The metropolis should be clean, That's right. It is true that we have helped to widen the road by demolishing our land/houses worth crores of rupees", she wrote on Facebook.

"I'm not with the idea of setting shop on the side of the road where people have to walk. It is not good. Why do people leave the village and come to our city? There are no health facilities in the village, no education, no roads, no irrigation, no food, shelter, and cotton for those affected by natural calamities. They do not receive timely compensation.