Why INTRA Foundation Controversy At Media?(With Video)

Aug 4, Kathmandu: Intra-National Welfare and Support (INTRA) Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes Nepali culture across the globe. The president of this organization is MR. Dilli Adhikari.

Intra-National Welfare and Support Foundation of America is a humanitarian effort to promote Nepali culture across the globe. Among many projectsMero Dance Cup (MDC) and Mero Voice Cup (MVC) are the two reality shows we have been organizing to preserve our culture in Nepal.

 Advocate Yagyamani Neupane and  Actor Jayakishan Basnet claimed that the directors of the organization are non-Nepali. Speaking on the Headline Nepal Bishesh program Presenter Sanjeeb Regmi, Basnet said without registering in Nepal, they did various activities and raised funds illegally by promising to help the Nepalese people.

According to Neaupane, the organization is doing various activities without taking the approval of the government of Nepal and doing financial irregularities. It is also alleged that the group of that organization goes to different places in the country and is involved in activities that violate the law and harm the nation and nationality of Nepal.