Escalating Dengue Outbreak: 20 Dead Including 7 Children

Sep 19, Kathmandu: There are signs that dengue is becoming an epidemic across the country. Twenty people including seven children have died from dengue in one and a half months across the country.

According to the vector control inspector of the Ministry of Health and Population Epidemiology and Communicable Disease Control Division (EDCD), 7 children under 14 years old, 10 people between 20 and 40 years old, and the remaining 40 years old have died so far. According to the source, until now, the number of deaths due to dengue infection has reached 20.

The highest number of dengue deaths is in Kathmandu Valley. Dengue spread rapidly in Nepal in 2019 AD as well. At that time, 19,000 people were diagnosed with dengue throughout the country, including Kathmandu Valley, and 6 infected people died. But this time the number of deaths due to dengue is increasing, he said. He also said that this time the dengue patient had severe symptoms.

The number of infected is more than 16 thousand According to EDC, the number of dengue-infected people has reached 16 thousand 587 so far. Most of the infected are in Bagmati province. There are currently 12,401 dengue patients in Bagmati.

There are 322 patients in Gandaki province, 2,422 people in Lumbini province, 504 people in province 1, 242 people in Madhesh province, 203 people in Karnali province, and 493 in Sudurpaschim province. More patients in Lalitpur than in Kathmandu

When the dengue infection started this year, many dengue patients were seen in Lalitpur but still the number of patients in Lalitpur has not decreased. According to EDCD, there are currently 4 thousand 604 patients in Lalitpur and 4 thousand 454 patients in Kathmandu.

Dengue patients are also increasing in Bhaktapur. At present, there are 713 patients in Bhaktapur. 1 thousand 597 people are infected in Dang, 659 people in Rupandehi, 410 people in Chitwan, 292 people in Gulmi, 188 people in Darchula, and 152 people in Kavre. A total of 14 thousand 63 people are infected in these 10 districts.

How To Avoid Dengue?

According to a source,  that dengue infection occurs when the Aedes aegypti mosquito bites humans, and dengue is transmitted when all mosquitoes hatch from the eggs of mosquitoes infected with the dengue virus.

"As the mosquito that causes dengue infection can live for a month, we should be careful when dengue spreads by biting people for a month before that type of mosquito is destroyed. After being bitten by this species of mosquito, a person has a normal headache for 2 days.

 After 2/3 days, a continuous fever of 102 to 103 degrees. The symptoms like back pain, body aches, nausea, pain in the eyeballs and the back of the eyes, and bleeding from the nose and gums are seen. Severe dengue fever is a life-threatening medical emergency.

Seek immediate medical attention if you've recently visited an area in which dengue fever is known to occur, you have had a fever and you develop any of the warning signs. Warning signs include severe stomach pain, vomiting, difficulty breathing, or blood in your nose, gums, vomit, or stools.

According to the source, it is necessary to fill the water holes around the house, sleep in a hammock to avoid mosquito bites, and wear clothes that cover the body as much as possible when going to work outside the house. Dengue infection can be avoided by keeping clean around the house, using insecticides in places where there are mosquitoes