A Double-Digit Decline In NEPSE Index

Sep 21, Kathmandu: NEPSE index which measures share turnover in the securities market, has fallen by double digits. According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the NEPSE index which measures turnover has decreased by 14.10 points and has been limited to 1,910.38.

Similarly, the sensitive index which measures the share turnover of large companies, decreased by 2.23 points and was limited to 371.90. A total of 220 shares of 29 lakh 16 thousand 271 shares of Rs. 90 million 81 million 86 thousand 488 were bought and sold.

According to NEPSE, out of the total 13 sub-groups traded, the share price of the collective investment fund has increased. The share price of that subgroup has increased by 0.01 points. Similarly, banking 6.87, trade 6.02, hotel and tourism 19.3, development bank 44.01, hydropower 25.24, finance 22.41, non-life insurance 27.35, manufacturing 55.89, others 4.06, microfinance 43.86, life insurance 22.26 and investment decreased by 0.76 points.

After trading on Friday, the market capitalization was Rs. It is equal to 27 trillion 44 billion 88 million 35 lakh 85 thousand. On the basis of turnover, Reddy Hydropower is at the top. The company's Rs. A transaction worth 4 crores 23 lakh 32 thousand six hundred and seventy-seven was made.

Similarly, Himalayan Distillery Rs. Three million two hundred thousand two hundred sixty-eight, Nabil Bank Rs. Three crore 55 thousand, Nepal Life Insurance Rs. 2 crores 84 lakh 69 thousand 481 and Api Power Company Rs. They managed to enter the top five with a turnover of 2 crores 75 lakh 75 thousand 402.

According to NEPSE, Nabil Balance Fund is second at 7.87, Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower is 5.75, Life Insurance Corporation is 3.99 and Himalayan Everest Insurance investors have earned 3.57 percent. Similarly, investors of Mirmire Microfinance 5.59, Reval Falls Power 5.31, Upper Solu Hydropower 5.30, Green Development Bank 4.09, and NMB-50 have lost 3.87 percent.