Reduced The Price In The Shop

Sep 21, Kathmandu:  Food Management and Trading Company have reduced the prices of cooking oil, pulses, flour, and other items which are said to be more expensive than the market at the Supath price shop from Tuesday. 

According to news published that the prices of some items in shops operated with government subsidies were more expensive than in the market. According to the company, the price of sunflower oil has been reduced by 10 rupees from 295 per liter to 285 rupees. While the price of the oil in the market is trading at 290 rupees.

Similarly, flour has been reduced by four rupees from 84 rupees per kg to 80 rupees per kg. Even in the open market, the price of flour per kg is being bought and sold at 80 rupees. Similarly, 78 rupees per kg is available in the bitter-rice market, 78 rupees per kg in food companies, and 80 rupees in salt trading.

In those fair price shops that the government has put in operation, sunflower oil was 5 rupees per liter and flour was 4 rupees per kg more expensive than in the market. The chief executive officer of the company Mohan Prakash Chand informed that although the company is at a loss, the price of the product has been reduced so that it is cheaper than the price available in the market.

He said, "One and a half months ago, the price of sunflower oil was 302 rupees per liter when we called for a tender, but now even with a discount of 7 rupees per liter, sunflower oil has become more expensive than the market. Even if there is a loss, we have reduced the price so that it is cheaper than the market."

According to him, the prices of sunflower oil have decreased by 10 per liter to 285 rupees, soybean oil has decreased by 7 rupees to 240 rupees per liter, maida has decreased by 4 rupees to 80 rupees per kg, lentils have decreased by 8 rupees per kg to 145 rupees.  But the price of mas and radar dal has increased. Mass dal has been increased from 148 rupees per kg to 155 rupees per kg.

Similarly, pulses per kg have been increased from 168 rupees to 170 rupees. The prices of other goods remain the same. The food company has given a discount of 7 to 10 rupees per kg and per liter on 24 types of food items including pulses, rice, chickpeas, Karnali beans, and oil.

He informed that a discount of 10 rupees per kg has been given on Kwanti, Karnali beans, and live goat, and changra, while there is also a discount on nine types of rice, pulses, oil, pulses, and rice, including coarse, medium, and fine. The food company is selling discounted food from 45 locations, including four locations in the valley.