What Are 11-Point Manifesto Issued By Nepal Medical Association In 2nd National Conference?

The conference of the medical association was concluded by issuing the

Sep 21, Kathamndu: Nepal Medical Association  2nd National Conference has been completed by issuing the 11-point manifesto.

Association President Dr. Lochan Karki informed that by analyzing the learning and experience during pandemic prevention. Nepal Medical Association has issued an 11-point manifesto including taking special initiatives to make the health system more active.

Dr. . Karki said he submitted the declaration to the Ministry of Health. He expressed his belief that the manifesto will work as a document when the government makes a policy in the health sector. The manifesto mentions that efforts will be made to effectively implement the concept of multilateral cooperation at all levels to prevent and control the covid epidemic and other similar epidemics that may occur in the future.

Likewise, it is mentioned in the manifesto that the National Health Assembly will be organized with the participation of the three levels of government to ensure the health rights provided by the constitution by strengthening and effective the coordination, cooperation, and partnership of the three levels of government.

In the manifesto, it is mentioned to initiate the establishment of the National Center for Disease Control for emergency preparedness, response, and prevention, the establishment of the National Health Organization Accreditation Board, increasing the capacity and scope of the Department of Drug Administration, the establishment of a separate Human Resources Department, etc. Seven different topics were discussed in the two-day conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.