Sharing News On Social Media Boosts People’s Confidence

Sep 21, Kathmandu:  One study concluded that people become more confident when they share news and articles on social media. According to a psychological study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, US, it has been found that sharing news online boosts people’s confidence.

According to The Journal of Consumer Psychology, people who share news on social media feel that they are intelligent and knowledgeable about current affairs. It has been found that it helps in boosting their confidence.

The study also noted that when a news article or article is shared publicly on social media, there is marked expertise on a topic hidden within the individual. The report mentions that even if users share news without reading or simply reading headlines, it makes them feel that they are knowledgeable personalities.

People feel more informed when they share news online, especially with those close to them. “Sharing builds confidence. Because by putting what they know online and on social media, the person has established a recognizance of expertise on that topic,” the report says, “so they can find themselves more on that topic.” Feel knowledgeable. It boosts their confidence.”

Retrieved from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism information .According to 51 percent of those who open the news, read the whole news. Similarly, 26 percent of the readers read only some parts, while the remaining 22 percent of the readers read only the headline and some important lines.