FIFA On Pressure To Compensate Migrant Victims In World Cup Stadium Construction

Sep 22, Kathmandu:  Pressure has increased on Qatar to compensate the families of migrant workers who lost their lives during the construction of the stadium where the World Cup will be held.

The England Football Association has demanded compensation for the families of migrant workers who were injured or killed while building infrastructure in Qatar. At a time when human rights groups are heavily criticizing Qatar's treatment of migrant workers, football clubs have also started raising their voices in favor of migrant workers.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Foursquare last Tuesday urged FIFA's partners and World Cup sponsors to take initiatives to compensate migrant workers. Last May, Amnesty and other rights groups asked FIFA to set aside 440 million US dollars for compensation for human rights violations.

It is also suspected that the World Cup will not be confused if Qatar continues to seek compensation.