UML Requests The Government And Related Parties To Facilitate Dengue Treatment

Sept 22, Kathmandu- The main opposition party CPN (UML) has requested the government and subordinate agencies to be serious in controlling dengue disease.

Yogesh Bhattarai, head of the UML Health and Population Department, issued a statement and made this request. In the statement issued to him, it is said, "To mobilize community level to control mosquitoes, the main source of dengue disease, to make the identification and testing of patients widespread and easy, to expand hospital services, to increase manpower and budget, to coordinate mobilization between various governmental and non-governmental agencies including the government, Demands for Cetamol from the state for easy availability of medicines, etc".

The UML has called upon the party's sub-committee and people's organizations and party members to contribute to the control of dengue disease. According to the latest data, 17,594 people have been affected by the dengue disease that has appeared since Shrawan, while the number of patients who are staying at home without going to health institutions is more than this, according to UML.

So far, 21 people have died from dengue. UML understands that the symptoms of this disease have spread to 75 districts of the country. Stating that there is a shortage of beds in health institutions due to the pressure of patients, UML has requested the government and related parties to facilitate the treatment of patients.