'Mount Everest International Taekwondo' To Kick off Today

Sep 22, Kathmandu: "Third Mount Everest International Open Taekwondo Championship" G-2 Yangking and "First JCS Mount Everest International Open Pumsey Championship" are being held in Pokhara from today. Nepal Taekwondo Association has organized the competition that will be held in the multi-purpose covered hall at Pokhara Stadium till October 9.

The original organizing committee secretary Jagan Gurung informed that 1,425 players from 13 countries have come to Pokhara to participate in the competition. According to him, such a large number of participants for a single game is the first in the history of Nepali sports. In the competition, there will be competition in different age groups for seniors and juniors.

Nepal Taekwondo Association organizer Prakash Shamsher Rana informed that in the competition, women and men from 14 to 60 years of age will compete in eight different weight groups, and for poomsey, singles, pairs, and groups from 14 to 60 years old will compete.

It is said that the world Taekwondo resident under the umbrella organization of the Taekwondo Federation Dr. Chou Chung On, and the president of the Asian Taekwondo Federation Likyu Siok will come to Pokhara for the competition. The organizers estimate that more than 2,000 players, referees, and coaches from around the world, along with special officials of the Taekwondo Federation will participate.
According to the association, more than five thousand taekwondo lovers are expected to come to Pokhara to watch the world-class mega taekwondo competition. The competition, which has been successfully held twice in Kathmandu, was postponed for two years due to the global epidemic of Covid-19.