Nepal Address: All Nepalese With Their Own Address

Sept 22, Kathmandu- EZ Online Solutions Pvt Ltd has introduced, a digital platform that can be used for free, with the aim of solving Nepal's address-related problems.

If you have to call someone at home while ordering something online, it is difficult to know the house now. will free you from the hassles caused by addresses.

By registering the location of your home, camp, apartment, business, land, etc. with, you can get the address name, and address of your choice without contacting anyone.

You can tell or share the address name and address link.

The address link takes you directly to the address page of that address. After searching for the address by going to, the address page of that address will open. The address page contains the address information, photo, map, and google map direction button.

Nepal Address uses Google Maps which makes it more convenient, and safe. It is easy to register an address in Nepal Address, it provides an address link that can be easily spoken or written. The address link will be opened directly in the browser of any device.

Instead of Google Map, the Nepal Address Platform does not show the address directly on Google Map. Only those who know your address name or address link can find your address.

Full address name with the area, local level, and district is available, 5000 + areas across Nepal are mapped, the same address link will remain even if the place is moved, and the Google Plus code will be visible on the address page of the places moved within a year and the facility to find the address even without internet.

Subash Devkota, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EZ Online Solutions said that this platform facility can be accessed from any browser and the app can be used as well.

"After returning to my own country, I have missed something in America, it is the convenience of the road and the address name. And I started thinking, how can such address name facility be developed in Nepal as well?", he said, "After the prevalence of online facilities increased due to Corona pandemic, the need for this facility increased. After that, I left the job as the chief officer of F1Soft and started to build this platform".

According to him, this is a platform made for Nepal and it has mapped 77 districts, 753 local levels, and more than 5000 villages/places across Nepal.

"It also includes a Google Plus code that can be found without internet and also has the facility to save the address for offline use", he said, "It will help all types of businesses and organizations to easily reach the consumers' doorsteps".

He said that consumers and businesses can use all these facilities from Nepal Address for free, he said that businesses can also integrate Nepal Address into their app or system through API for a minimal fee.