NEPSE Index Fell By 9.84 Points

Sep 22, Kathmandu: NEPSE index increased by 11 points on Wednesday and decreased by 9 points on Thursday.

On Thursday, the NEPSE index fell by 9.84 points to 1838.96 points. Similarly, the Sensitive Index decreased by 0.4 points while the Float Index decreased by 0.54 points and the Sensitive Float Index decreased by 0.52 points.

25 lakh 42 thousand 899 shares of 229 companies traded on Thursday were traded worth Rs 6557 lakh 5169. 72 million worth of business was done on Wednesday. All 13 sub-groups of NEPSE showed negative indicators on Thursday. In which the index of finance and microfinance subgroups has decreased by more than 1 percent.

Although the NEPSE index fell, the share price of Samling Power increased by 9.98 percent on Thursday. Similarly, Upper Hewakhola Hydropower has increased by 2.87 percent and Varun Hydropower by 2.16 percent. But since then the share price of bindyavasini Hydropower has decreased by 5.26 percent. Today, Nabil Bank's most traded shares are Rs 2.58 million.