Our Future Is Ending Because Of Leaders Like Shekhar Koirala And Gagan Thapa: Shahi

Sept 24, Kathmandu- Youth leader of Nepali Congress and former general minister of Tarun Dal, Bhupendra Jung Shahi, has said that if they do not get at least 40 percent tickets on the direct side after correcting the proportional list, leaders including Shekhar Koirala and Gagan Thapa should throw away their tickets and join the workers.

Addressing a vigilance meeting held in Kathmandu on Saturday, Shahi warned that only leaders should not contest the elections by leaving the activists who were deprived of tickets because they voted for the Shekhar group stranded on the streets. Shahi said, "Is it fair that only Sekhar Koirala, Gagan Thapa, Dhanraj Gurung, Badri Pandey get tickets?"

"Because of you, our future is ending. If proportional list is canceled and equal seats are not given and if they are given even one seat less than 40 percent, Shekhar, Gagan and Dhanraj should say that they will not contest the election, they should throw their tickets. The Deuba group should contest the elections alone", he said.