Right-wing Leader Close To Becoming Italy's First Female Prime Minister

Sept 26, Kathmandu- Right-wing leader Giorgia Meloni has come close to becoming the country's first female prime minister after winning Italy's general election. Meloni is expected to form the most right-wing government in Italy after World War II.

Her rise has created a stir in Europe because Italy is the third largest economy in the European Union. However, after the vote, Meloni promised not to betray the public's trust, stating that her Brothers of Italy party would form a government for all. "The people of Italy have given a clear message to form a right-wing government under the leadership of the Fathers of Italy", she said while talking to reporters in Rome, carrying a sign that read "Thank you Italy".

It is said that he will get 26 percent of the votes, surpassing his nearest rival, Enrico Letta. Meloni's right-wing coalition includes the party of Matteo Salvini and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The coalition is expected to control both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies with 44 votes.