12.10 Billions Of Treasury Bills Renewed By The Bank

Sept 26, Kathmandu- Banks and financial institutions have renewed the 12.1 billion rupees treasury bill to be released tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Monetary Management Department of Nepal Rastra Bank has informed that the treasury bills of this time have been renewed by banks and financial institutions.

The National Bank introduced treasury bills of 91 billion rupees for 91 days and 3 billion rupees for 182 days. According to the National Bank, these treasury bills will mature on December 27 and March 28 respectively.

According to Rastra Bank, 13 banks and financial institutions submitted bids of 14 billion 25 crore rupees through 80 applications for the purchase of a 91-day treasury. Banks have accepted treasury bills at a minimum interest rate of 9.0026 percent, a maximum of 9.9999 percent, and an average of 9.518 percent.

Similarly, for the purchase of 182-day treasury, 9 banks, and financial institutions submitted bids worth 3.80 billion rupees through 44 applications. The minimum interest rate is 9.966 percent, the maximum is 9.9901 percent and the average is 9.7406 percent.

Banks and financial institutions in the previous treasury demanded a maximum interest rate of more than 11 percent. The National Bank issued a treasury bill of 11 billion 83 crore rupees on 20th of September. In which the central bank intervened in the treasury of about 5 billion.