Nepathya's Concert In 10 Cities For Helping Manav Sewwa Ashram

Oct 22, Kathmandu: The sides of the Manav Sewwa Ashram construction and interpreting cell production and interpersonal alphabets. The oath of the construction of performance alphabets is the roof of the 'musical journey of humanity in 10 cities of Nepal.

The emergency has cooperated with the Nepal Prime Savior Service's Campaign which is rescuing the cooperation of the humanitarian service campaign for a decade, and in public has worked with the Nepalese service campaign. According to the founder/chairman of the Founder / Chairman of the Ashram, Birgunj, Hetaudj, Chitwan, Chitwan, Chitwan, Chitwan, Pokhara, Pokhara, Pokhara, and Kathmandu.

A building is being constructed in Biratnagar, Sarlahi, Birhuj, Birgunj, Goaglung, Goaglung, Gorklunge, Goaglung, Goaglung, Goaglung, Gopendhi, Lalitpur and Jhapa. Hetauda, ​​Chitwan, and Butwal have reached the stage of construction. Other cities with the branch of the head, Surkhet, Bhaktapur, Janakpur, Janakpur, Janakpur and Nepalgunj, Bhagan Management Ebs, and Nepalgunj are in the stage of building.

In current construction work currently under construction buildings, a plan to develop about two thousand 500 in the country. The conservation of herds is currently about 500 bases, helpless, household, and confused from society. With the voluntary donation of the Government of Nepal without partnership with any international donor, the ashram has been serving cooperation from the Government of Nepal from all over the country.

Chairman of the Sunday, the program was also organized by disrupting or fully due to disrupted funds due to disrupted states due to lack of relintened permanent source, said that the program was also organized by the disruptive or ahead. It will be held on 6 December at Adarshnagar in Birjung, 8 December at Bhutandevi School ground in Hetauda,  11 December at Campachour in Chitwan, and 15 December at Nepaljung Stadium.

Similarly, on 15 December at Dhangadhi stadium, 21 December at the open stage in Surket, 24 December at Kaika Manav Gyan Mavi(sector2) ground in Butwal, on 27 December at Pokhara Stadium. The last program is the  Manav Sewwa Ashram assignment that the before English New Year organized on 31 December.

For three decades, various schools have traveled for positive transformation through music. The road of the country has already done 60 more musical programs in various cities i.e. South Korea, India, India, and Australia.