Journalist Ramakrishna Bhandari's Book 'Satta Sangharsha' Is In The Market

Nov 14, Kathmandu- Journalist Ramakrishna Bhandari's book 'Sattaa Shangharsha: 30 Barshamaa 28 Sarkaarkaa Naalibeli' has come to the market.

In the book brought to the market by Shangrila Books, after the restoration of democracy in the year 2046, it is discussed how the country was not only directionless but in a quagmire of instability as a result of party feuds and conflicts. Bhandari is working in Kantipur Television.

Journalist Bhandari said that he used it as a primary source by having direct conversations with important political figures including the prime ministers of 28 governments.

According to the administrative organization, it will be a handbook for leaders, political science students, study researchers, journalists, and general readers to understand the formation, structure, and operation of the government of Nepal.