About 400 Years Old Statue Of Goddess Stolen From Nepal Has Been Discovered In Geneva

Nov 21, Kathmandu- A statue of Vasundhara Devi of archaeological importance stolen from Nepal has been found in a private collection in Geneva, Switzerland.

A 17th-century wooden statue of Vasundhara Devi is in a private collection in Geneva and is currently up for bid at the Kohler auction in Zurich.

It is said that the statue may have been stolen between 1970 and 80. In a notice issued on Monday by the 'Lost Arts of Nepal', which is active in identifying lost or stolen archaeological heritages from Nepal, it has been stated that the statue of the Buddhist temple of Pichhebaha located in Wutu Tole of Kathmandu was stolen from Bihar.

The sculpture was photographed in the 1970s by art researcher Marie Shepherd Lusser. The photo is included in the second edition of his book 'Nepal Mandal - A Cultural Study of Kathmandu Valley'.

The statue of the goddess was purchased by the Old Private Collection in Geneva in 1971/72. The statue will be unveiled in Zurich on November 29.

There is a growing interest in the search for stolen or lost archaeological heritages from Nepal. "Lost Arts of Nepal" has been continuously working on identifying the heritage.