55-year-old Woman In Lalitpur Gave Birth To A Child Through IVF!

Nov 22, Kathmandu- A 55-year-old woman has given birth to a child through IVF (test tube baby) method in Lalitpur. Bimala Rajak of Lalitpur gave birth to a healthy baby on Saturday.

She was treated at Norvic IVF Center for the past year and the baby was taken out through surgery. At present, the health condition of the baby and the mother is normal, the center said. "After 27 years of the sudden death of our 30-year-old son, our family was very happy when we got another child as a son", Bimala said.

Dr. Nutan Sharma, the center's IVF specialist, informed that the Rajak couple, who came for treatment at Norvic IVF, had a child through the IVF method on their first attempt. Earlier, a 54-year-old woman gave birth to twins with the same method after treatment at the Norvic IVF Center.