World Cup Football: Croatia And Morocco Shared The Points

Nov 23, Kathmandu- In the first match of FIFA World Cup 2022 played on Wednesday, the match between Croatia and Morocco was very exciting. However, the match ended in a draw with 0-0 goals.

Morocco gave a tough fight to the Croatian team, which was the runner-up in the previous World Cup.

It was the first match of Group F between Croatia and Morocco, which ended without any result.

In FIFA's global rankings, Croatia's team is in 12th place, while Morocco's team is in 22nd place.

The second half of today's match was extremely exciting. As soon as the second half started, Pasalic scored for Croatia in the 48th minute. But unfortunately for the team, it was given the status of an offside goal.

Compared to the first half, the second half was more exciting. Both teams continued to try to score but were unable to do so.