Google Maps Have Started Showing Live Traffic Jams On The Roads Of Nepal

Nov 24, Kathmandu- Google Maps has started to show live traffic in Nepal as well. Through the latest update of its Maps app, Google has extended its service to Nepal as well.

Almost two years after the start of the map, i.e. in 2007, Nepal has been included in the feature that shows the 'real time' traffic conditions of the roads for the first time, almost 15 years later.

Not only the traffic situation of Nepal's urban areas but also the traffic conditions of the main highways have started to be seen on Google Maps. When the user selects a specific destination on Google Maps and starts navigation, information about the road traffic conditions is displayed.

In which the blue color means there is no jam, the yellow color means that the road is busy, i.e. the number of vehicles is moving even though the number of vehicles is high and the red color means that there is a traffic jam.