Rastra Bank Directly Buying Treasury Bills Worth Rs.20 Billion

Nov 24, Kathmandu- Nepal Rastra Bank today (Mangsir 8th) is going to talk to directly purchase the treasury bills of Nepal government worth Rs.20 billion.

Voting will be conducted online till 2 pm today. The date of purchase of Treasury Bills has been fixed for tomorrow, November 25.

According to the monetary management department of the National Bank, the payment of the treasury bills of the government of Nepal has been fixed till the end of Chaitra 2079. The counterparty should mention the series number and result of the Nepal Government Treasury Bills with fixed payment dates that the counterparty wants to sell.

The counterparty will have to negotiate the price of the quantity of Treasury Bills it wants to sell.

Similarly, the counterparty can negotiate the amount of Nepal government treasury bills that it wants to sell up to the amount of Rs. 5 crores or the rate divided by Rs. 5 crores. But for treasury bills of one series, only one promissory note is required.