'Paytm' Becomes World's Worst Performing IPO, Market Value Falls By 75%

Nov 24, Kathmandu- India's largest digital payment provider 'Paytm' has become the world's worst-performing IPO. Paytm, run by 'One97 Communication Limited', has seen a 75% drop in market value within a year of its IPO listing. Which is the worst performance among other major IPOs in the world in a decade, according to Bloomberg. Earlier in 2012, Spain's 'Bankia, S.A.' had dropped by 82% within a year of its listing.

Last year, Paytm issued an IPO worth 2.4 billion US dollars in India. Its market value has decreased by 75% within a year of its listing. On the other hand, the share price of the company is also falling. In the month of November itself, its share price fell by 30% to INR 450 on Wednesday. It is a 79% drop from the IPO price of 2150 per share.