Commission Has Started An Investigation Into The Death Of 2 People On Election Day In Bajura

Nov 25, Kathmandu- The National Human Rights Commission has started an investigation into the death of 2 people in Bajura on November 20, the day of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections.

At the polling station of Triveni Municipality-7, 25-year-old local Sanjiu Aeydi was killed by police firing when the voting was about to end. Similarly, Chetan Aydi of Triveni Municipality-7, who is also a student leader, was also beaten and killed in a gruesome manner at his house. The Commission has informed through a statement that a team including officers of the Central Office has been deployed in Bajura under the leadership of the Deputy Secretary of the Commission to investigate the incident on the spot.

The commission has also requested the local administration, security agencies, political parties, civil society, human rights activists, victims and victims' families, and the general public to provide the necessary support to the team.