Citizen Liberation Party Chaudhary Won In Kailali-2

Nov 25,Kathamndu: Civil Liberation Party has won the third victory from Kailali for the members of the House of Representatives. Civil Liberation Party candidate Arun Kumar Chaudhary has won from Kailali Constituency 2.

Chaudhary has got 21 thousand 871 votes. His closest rival, CPN (UML) candidate Jhapta Bahadur Rawal, got 16,128 votes.  Maoist Center candidate Bhagat Bahadur Baduwal on behalf of the alliance has got 15 thousand 116 votes.

As 60,629 votes were cast in Region No. 2, 3,664 votes were invalidated. In Kailali, the Civil Liberation Party won three seats in the House of Representatives. Before this