New Update Of Nepali Calendar Brings Amazing Radio With Online News

Nov 26, Kathmandu- 'Nepali Patro' has released a new update on both iOS and Android media under the theme of 'Amazing Radio and Online News too'. Two months ago, Nepali Patro announced the theme 'Yo Gajjab Chha'.

According to Hamro Patro, the new public update includes Nepali radios operating across the country and outside the country, as well as some amazing radio and some new and smart features not used in radio applications.

Santosh Kumar Devkota, Chief Executive Officer of Nepali Patro, said that 'Amazing Radio - Radio as well as Online News' has been launched by adding more smart, amazing, and various useful features to our Nepali Patro users and the radio in Nepali Patro.

He said that when the radio sources listen to their favorite radio station in the Nepali Patro, they can also see the headlines of the official online news of that radio station.

He said that popular local FM/radios of all the seven provinces will cover breaking news, updated and breaking news in the online version on the same radio's page.

He said, 'Why this is amazing is that it will allow users to read the latest information and news from the radio materials broadcasted by the local radio through the online medium. Users can log in to 'Nepali Patro' and create favorites for their favorite radios, share them on various social networks, and see how many people have listened to the radio and how many likes it has received.

He said that users who listen to the radio can also log in 'Nepali Patro' and express their thoughts on the radio they listen to. According to him, other users will be able to respond to the compressed ideas.

He said that in the new update, the easy search for finding the radio has been placed at the top, and he said, 'Radios that are trending in the Nepali Patro, radios by province, radios with frequencies and popular online radios that do not have a frequency but are online are also included in the upper tabs of the application. This feature has made it easy for the user to listen to and find the radio they like by selecting the tab according to the frequency radio and online radio they want to listen to.

He said that soon after the World Cup football tournament, another amazing facility is ready to be unveiled.