After The News Of Kittiya Pawlowski's Pictures Being Fake, She Deactivated All Of Her Social Media Accounts

Nov 26, Kathmandu- American Kittiya Pawlowski has deactivated her social media after a photo of a rare snow leopard taken in the Everest region of Nepal was confirmed to be fake.

Within a few hours of the publication of the news, Pawlowski deactivated both her Facebook and Instagram accounts. The world-famous 'Alpine Magazine' published the news on Friday that the pictures were fake after an investigation.

The magazine speculates that the American photographer Kittiya Pawlowski is a fake, and also mentions that the photo that appeared in various media using her Instagram is a composite of different photos.

Three rare pictures of snow leopards said to have been taken by Kittiya after coming to Nepal, have been heating up social media for some time since they were posted. Her artistry and dedication were highly appreciated. But during the investigation, it was confirmed that the photos taken by her were fake or photoshopped in such a way.