Shooting Of 'Poi Paryo Budho' Has Been Postponed, Producer Will Make 'Hattichaap' First

Nov 26, Kathmandu- Producer Kiran Nepali, who came into the limelight after producing films like 'Poi Paryo Kale' and 'Dui Nambari', have postponed the shooting of the film 'Poi Paryo Budho'.

Producer Nepali has announced that he will make a new film before that film. The title of the new film to be produced by Nepali is 'Hattichhap'.

He said that the shooting of this film will begin in Chaitra. He said that there will be famous actors in the film. The movie is written by successful writer Pradeep Bhardwaj.

Producer Nepali says - 'I was impressed after reading the story of the film Hattichhap. Therefore, I decided to make this film first. It will be made after the movie'.

This film will be made under the presentation of Red Bird Production. He says that 'Hattichap' is also based on social narratives. He said that the director and cast of the film will be finalized in a few days.

'Hattichhap' will be produced in suspense, thriller, and comedy genres. The Nepali-made film 'Dui Numbari' is among the super hit films of this year.