Sarita Lamichhane's Birthday Released The Teaser Of The Movie 'Sorry Mom'

Nov 27, Kathmandu- The teaser of the anti-narcotics film "Sorry Mom" has been released. The teaser was released on the occasion of actress Sarita Lamichhane's birthday. The situation that arises after falling into addiction and the effects it has on the individual and the family are included in the film.

According to producer Binod Lama, the film will be released on December 15. The film will not be released on the pre-announced date of December 1.

It is planned to release the film only in Bagmati province on that date. Directed by Naveen Bogti, the film stars Saroj Khanal and Sarita Lamichhane, Alish Rai, Prabhat Paul, Prebil Kandel, RB Katuwal, Bihaan Shrestha, and Yunisha Bajagai.

The cinematography is by Dilig Gurung and the editing is by Pritam Pandey. Senator Khemraj Adhikari and Rosita Tamang are also among the producers of the film written by Aayush Budhathoki and Saroj Paudel.

The exhibition and charity of the film, which is aimed at the audience of teenagers and the young generation, will be shown together with the local government and clubs.