Media Hub That Allows You To Watch World Cup Football Live On The Mobile App As Well

Nov 27, Kathmandu- Finally, the Media Hub is going to make arrangements to watch the FIFA World Cup football even on mobile phones. With the decision to ban 'pirated' websites and apps where World Cup football can be watched, the company that has taken the rights to broadcast it for Nepal is about to arrange such an arrangement.

The owner of the company, Som Dhital, said that the demand of the audience to be able to watch the Football World Cup live on mobile phones and computers is justified, and the necessary arrangements are being made for that. "Even though we had a plan from before, we were unable to make the necessary preparations due to the confusion after the court case", he said.

However, Dhital said that even to watch World Cup football on the mobile app, you have to pay a certain fee. However, under the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the first round of group stage matches have been completed and the second round of matches have already started. In this case, it is not clear whether the customer will have to pay 500 rupees or will be given some discount.

Dhital said that they are working so that the World Cup can be watched live through the OTT app of NetTV. "Indeed, there is a discussion on whether to show it on the OTT app of Dishhome and other companies as well," he said. According to Dhital, viewers will be able to easily watch the matches after the group stage matches on the Nepali mobile app.