US Embassy To Remove The Pictures Of Snow Leopard

Nov 27, Kathmandu- The American Embassy in Nepal is going to remove the post about the photo of the snow leopard from social media.

American photographer Kittiya Pawlowski has announced that the American Embassy in Nepal will remove its previous post after the fact-checking-research material with the basis of 'fake' photos of snow leopards taken above 5,000 meters above the Everest region was published.

Sharing the story of Alpine Mag, the U.S. Embassy said on Sunday it had removed a previous post about Kittiya's photo. But it has also been clarified that Alpinemag does not have a role in the investigation. After it became public that Kittiya went to the Everest region and took a picture of a snow leopard, a material titled 'When Saw a Snow Leopard in the Shadow of Pumori Himal' was published in the national media on November 8. The material is based on photos of Kittiya but includes detailed information about snow leopard habitats and conditions.