RSP Maintains Lead In PR Vote Tally

Nov 28, Kathmandu: Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has become the first political party towards a proportional election system in the Chitwan district leaving behind the old parties. RSP has become the first party towards a proportional system with a wide vote margin in all three constituencies.

From three constituencies, RSP became the first party by getting 99 thousand 37 votes. CPN (UML) came second with 55 thousand 312 votes and Nepali Congress came third with 39 thousand 130 votes. Similarly, CPN (Maoist Center) got 29 thousand 461 votes, Rashtriya Prajatantra Party 25 thousand 55 and CPN (Unified Socialist) 4 thousand 906 votes, according to the office of the Chief Election Officer, Chitwan.

Rashtriya Swatantra Party got 34 thousand 691 votes while UML got 24 thousand, Congress got 16 thousand 695, Maoist Center got 4 thousand 965, RPP got 5 thousand 82 and United Samajwadi got 3 thousand 518 votes at Chitwan-1. When 95 thousand 399 votes were counted in this area, RSP got 36, UML 25, Congress 18, Maoists five, RPP five, and United Socialists got four percent votes proportionally.

Compared to other regions, the RSP has received the highest number of 35,945 votes in Constituency No. 2. UML got 16 thousand 784 votes, Congress 11 thousand 914 votes, Maoist Center 8 thousand 407 votes, RPP 3 thousand 218 votes, and United Socialist Party 616 votes. When 82 thousand 934 votes were counted in this region, RSVP got 43, UML 20, Congress 14, Maoist 10, RPP four, and Unified Socialist got 0.74 percent of votes proportionally.

Similarly, RSP received 28,401 votes in the region-3. UML got 14 thousand 522 votes, Congress got 10 thousand 521 votes, Maoist center got 16 thousand 89 votes, RPP got 16 thousand 755 votes and United Samajwadi Party got 1 thousand 85 votes. When 94 thousand 280 votes were counted in this area, RSVP got 30, UML 15, Congress 11, Maoist center 17, RPP 18, and Unified Samajwadi got 1 percent votes proportionally.

In the House of Representatives(HoR) elections of 2017 AD, UML was the largest party in Chitwan, Congress was second and Maoist Center was third. Ramesh Prabhat, a professor and political analyst of Birendra Campus, said that the result was different due to the proportional reduction of votes in the old political parties due to their displeasure towards their behavior.