Pokhara Plane crash: 38 Dead Identified (With list)

Jan 16, Kathmandu: So far, 38 of the 68 bodies recovered from the crash site of the Yeti Airlines 9N ANC ATR-72 plane have been identified.

The plane left Kathmandu at about 10:30 a.m. local time Sunday and was carrying 68 passengers and four crew members to Pokhara. The city is known for its serene lake at the foot of forested mountains and is popular with tourists.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known. The flight’s commanding pilot last made contact with a nearby air traffic control tower at 10:50 a.m., according to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Yeti Airlines spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula said the plane crashed as it approached Pokhara Airport.

There were 72 people including 11 foreign nationals and 3 children including 68 passengers and 4 crew members on the plane. There are 41 female passengers and 27 male passengers.

The flight carried 53 Nepali nationals and 15 foreign nationals, including five from India, four from Russia, two from South Korea, one from Argentina, one from Australia, one from France, and one from Ireland, according to an airline statement.

The death toll from the Pokhara shipwreck has been confirmed at 68. According to the West Regional Hospital of Pokhara, the bodies of 38 people have been identified.

These are the people who lost their lives in the Pokhara plane crash:

1. Poojan Thapa
2. Sangeeta Shahi
3. Dr.Sushil Shrestha
4. Dr. Sona Diwakar
5. Ryan Poudel
6. Sadagat Ali Miya
7. Laxmi Poudel
8. Prasiddhi Poudel
9. Arun Poudel
10. Purna Kumar Gurung
11. Yukonjo (Korean Citizen)
12. Bijay Kumar Gurung
13. Rachana Kafle Poudel
14. Tribhuwan Poudel
15. Dr.Ganesh Thapa
16. Laxmi Pariyar
17. Rita Pariyar
18. Hari Pariyar
19. Ismil Gurung
20. Nishant Acharya
21. Sirjana Hongchen (Airhostess)
22. Rakhi Gurung
23.Mohan Prakash Shrestha
24. Juris Lezin (Russian Citizen)
25.Alina (Russian Citizen)
26. Jeevankala Gurung
27.Jamuna Sharma
28. Shalikram Acharya
29. Dr. Sushil and Dr. Sona’s son
30. Bandana Sunar
31. Sita Gurung
32. Nira Chhantyal
33. Anusha Gurung
34. Shiv Kumar Gurung
35. Raju Singh Thakuri
36. Kamal KC (Captain)
37.Pascal Alex Mondal (France)
38. Anil Shahi

Similarly, since Monday morning, the bodies of the other four people have been searched for and rescued in Seti Khoch, Pokhara Metropolitan City-17 Gharipatan. The bodies of 67 plane crash victims have been transported to the Western Regional Hospital (Gandaki Hospital).

He stated that a dead body had been discovered in the hole and that efforts are being made to remove the body. The Armed Police Force removed the bodies of four people from the cave on Monday morning. The condition of the four passengers on the plane is still unknown.