Microsoft Expels 10,000 Employees

Jan 21, Kathmandu- Microsoft is going to expel employees from the end of March. Stating that the income is low, the company has decided to fire 10,000 of its employees.

In recent days, major technology companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, and Salesforce have also reduced the number of employees. After the Covid pandemic, companies have been cutting employees in the name of improving the economy and managing costs.

In addition, the declining share prices of technology companies have also made companies aware of the cost to some extent. On top of that, investors have been raising questions about overspending on the cost. This is also putting pressure on the company to reduce costs.

Last year, Microsoft announced that it would cut less than one percent of its workforce. At that time, the company fired only one thousand employees.

But now the company has decided to cut off the jobs of 10,000 employees.