Govtertment To Investigate Issues Raised By Prem Prasad Acharya

Jan 26, Kathmandu: The government has decided to investigate issues raised by Prem Prasad Acharya of Ilam, who committed self-immolation in front of the federal Parliament in New Baneshwor yesterday.

He succumbed to burn injuries at Cleft and Burn Centre in Kirtipur early today morning. A meeting of the Council of Ministers held today entrusted the Ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the issues raised in a Facebook note he wrote before he took the drastic step.

 Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane said, "After studying the issues raised by him, the Ministry of Home Affairs will conduct an investigation. "Acting on the findings of the investigation, the government will take necessary steps."

He said the Ministry of Home Affairs would begin the investigation today itself. Acharya drenched himself in petrol before setting himself ablaze outside the federal Parliament in the capital yesterday while Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal emerged from the building in his car.

He had posted a 'Death Declaration' of 6,553 words on Facebook before setting himself ablaze yesterday. In his post, he raised certain issues and urged the government to investigate them.

Lamichhane visited Acharya's family and offered his condolences. He promised to investigate the issues raised by the deceased Acharya.

Acharya's wife Nanuka Acharya urged the home minister to ensure proper education for her children, give her a job, and waive the loan taken by her late husband. Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah also condemned the circumstances that led Prem Prasad to take his own life.