Nepal Police Server Hacked

Jan 26, Kathmandu: It has been found that Nepal Police's server has been hacked and sensitive data has been leaked. Last September 21, 2022, police data of 2.34 GB file size was leaked on the dark web.

"Whatever the Nepali police communicate via email for internal purposes, all that has been leaked. Especially the documents of communication at the administrative level seem to have been leaked," a cyber security expert.

This includes secret plans of the police in particular. These data have been leaked on two dark web platforms namely 'Brich Forum' and 'Hydra Market'. "It seems that the data was leaked by hacking the email server or getting access to someone's email address in the office," said the security expert.

He said that such sensitive data was leaked for the first time in the history of Nepal. "There has never been such a sensitive data leak in Nepal," he says, "The leakage of sensitive data of security agencies shows how weak our government's cyber security system is."

His analysis shows that government agencies are not responsible in terms of cyber security. He said that there is a possibility of entering Nepal Police's network through such data and phishing attacks on other accounts of the agency.

The Nepal Police is found to be unaware of the news of important data being leaked on the dark web. "We received the information from you. We will immediately coordinate with the technical team and proceed with the investigation," said Police Headquarters Spokesperson and Deputy Inspector General of Police, Posharaj Pokharel.