HOM Hearing Has Been Completed But Verdict Is Advent!

The hearing on the Home Minister's writ is over, the verdict is coming

Kathmandu: The hearing in the Supreme Court on the citizenship case of Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane has ended. The writ hearing on the citizenship dispute of Lamichhane, who is also the Home Minister, has ended. Senior advocate Narendra KC along with advocates Ashish Adhikari, Sudigya Panda, Yagyamani Neupane and Sasikumar Pokharel argued on behalf of Ravi in the constitutional bench.

Similarly, the hearing ended after Surendra Bhandari, Raman Karn, Anita Shrestha, Santosh Bhandari and Kirtinath Sharma Paudel made their arguments on behalf of the petitioner. Along with this, the judges are preparing for the verdict.

Earlier, this issue was kept under 'Herdaherdai' on Wednesday. As Lamichhane and the public prosecutor could not finish the argument, the case was kept under observation.

Kamu was heard in the bench of Chief Justice Harikrishna Karki, Justice Vishwambhar Prasad Shrestha, Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada, Dr. Anand Mohan Bhattarai, Anil Kumar Sinha. The hearing was adjourned to Friday due to incompleteness.

Raviraj Basaula and Yuvraj Poudel filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding that Lamichhane be stopped from working as an MP.

  Lamichhane has been accused of not revoking his Nepali citizenship while taking American citizenship and of using his old Nepali citizenship again even after renouncing his American citizenship.

It is mentioned in the writ that Lamichhane returned to Nepal and used his old citizenship to register his party and become a candidate in the House of Representatives, as his Nepali citizenship will be automatically revoked upon obtaining American citizenship and passport.

Lamichhane was elected to the House of Representatives in Chitwan-2 which was held on 4th of November. In the cabinet formed on January 11, he has been given the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs along with the Deputy Prime Minister.