Prabhu Bank Re-Appointed Sherchan As CEO

Jan 27, Kathmandu:  Ashok Sherchan has been reappointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Prabhu Bank. The meeting of the bank's board of directors held on Thursday decided to re-appoint Sherchan as CEO for the next four years.

Sherchan, who has been the CEO of the bank for two terms, has been appointed again for the third time. With the acquisition of Century Bank, he got the opportunity to become the CEO of the bank for the third time.

Sherchan, who started his banking career at Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank in 1945, has 27 years of banking experience. He became the CEO of Prabhu Finance in 1950. After the merger of then Prabhu Finance and Prabhu Bikas Bank, Sherchan got the responsibility of CEO of the bank.

Even after the acquisition of Zenith Finance, Gourishankar Development Bank, and Kist Bank, Sherchan was the CEO of the bank. After becoming the CEO of Prabhu Bikas Bank, he became the CEO of Prabhu Bank. He will start his third term next January 31.