Premiere show of Nepali web series 'Juneli' completed in Kathmandu

Jan 30, Kathmandu- The premiere show of Nepali web series 'Juneli' has been completed. A premiere show was held in Kathmandu.

Talking to mediapersons after the premiere show, actor Suleman Shankar (Iku) said that the series is very good and it is conscious. He said that the issue of 'Chhaupadi' was raised in the series.

Similarly, another artist Kailash Karki said that the series is very good. He said that there was some problem with the sound, but in the coming days, it was resolved and the series was good. Similarly, another actor Sundar Khanal said that it is good because the social issues are raised in the series.

Artist Pawan Bhattarai said that the series is very good and since this is the first episode, the weakness will be improved in the next episode. Actor Ravi Giri said that the series is good because it raises social themes. He said that the old story had begun and the real story had begun.

Similarly, actress Pabitra Sanki said that something might have gone wrong as she had not acted in any series or acted in front of the camera. She said that she found a lot of difference in the acting of Tiktok and the series. She said that she got offers for acting from 'Atti Bho' and 'Meri Bassai' and acted in Meri Bassai's episode.

This is only the first part of the series that was released as a movie. According to the production team, other second and third parts will come after this series.