Exploratory laparotomy operation of ectopic pregnancy at Provincial Hospital Kalaiya

Jan 30, Kathmandu- An exploratory laparotomy operation has been successful for the first time in Bara. Exploratory laparotomy operation of ectopic pregnancy has been successfully performed by Provincial Hospital Kalaiya for the first time.

Medical Superintendent Surgeon Dr. Sunil Jaiswal, MDGP Dr. The team of Kamlesh Yadav, Anesthesia Assistant Sanyendra Yadav and Staff Nurse Sakshi Gupta succeeded in performing the operation for the first time in Kalaiya.

Surgeon Medical Superintendent Dr. Jaiswal said that the 30-year-old Shobha Devi, resident of Devtal Rural Municipality Ward No. 7, was successful in performing an exploratory laparotomy operation. A few days ago, when she came to the hospital for a check-up, there was a report that he was suffering from body, head, stomach ache and tingling. She said that the medical team immediately took X-ray and blood test of the victim and started the operation.

"Exploratory laparotomy surgery is performed especially in cases of diseases, injuries and bleeding inside the stomach", said surgeon Dr. Jaiswal.

According to Dr. Jaiswal, in ectopic pregnancy, the fetus is not in the uterus but in other organs. In such a situation, if the operation is not done immediately, the patient may die due to excessive bleeding.

MDGP Dr. Kamlesh Yadav said that the victim Shobha's pregnancy was not in the uterus but in the fallopian tube (the tube that connects the uterus with the ovary). During her check-up, it was informed that the ectopic pregnancy was not in the uterus but in the fallopian tube.

Dr. Kamlesh Yadav's team has succeeded in extracting one liter and 500 grams of blood from Shobha's three-month-old womb and stomach through exploratory laparotomy surgery.

ICU in-charge Dr. Bikesh Pandey said that the patient is safe and will be discharged in a few days. The victim has 2 children aged 9 and 6 years. Dr. Kamlesh said that surgeon Dr. Jaiswal has been encouraged to perform complex operations since he came to this hospital.

Successful operation of bone joint, obstetrics, appendix hernia has been done in Provincial Hospital Kalaiya. President Prakash Chaulagai informed that the operation was started with exploratory laparotomy for the first time.