Leprosy On Rise In Jhapa

Jan 30, Kathmandu: Jhapa district has been found to be at high risk of leprosy. Last year, 121 leprosy patients were identified and under treatment in the district.

On the occasion of the 70th Leprosy Day, there is a high risk of leprosy in eastern Nepal, as informed in the state-level coordination meeting and orientation program held at Amda Hospital in Damak. According to Tulsi Prasad Guragai, the focal representative of Province 1 on leprosy, the number has also increased due to the increase in leprosy awareness and various programs.

In Province 1, the number of new patients diagnosed in the financial year 2022/23 AD is 346. Leprosy is also seen in children under 14 years of age. According to Timsina, four children under the age of 14 have been diagnosed with leprosy.

Among the new patients, the number of patients who entered the second stage of disability was found to be 30. 152 women are affected by leprosy. The rising rate of leprosy among women and children is an even worse sign. Head of Amda Hospital Dr. Prakash Sharma said that people suffering from leprosy are still being discriminated against in society and said that they will try to give them necessary counseling and treatment with goodwill.

Dermatologist Dr. According to Dipayan Pandey, there is not much problem in identifying leprosy, and said that in recent times, it has been found that even the health centers are keeping the details and identifying them correctly. Badri Baral, Public Health Inspector of Damak Municipality Health Branch, informed that Damak Hospital has free consultation services for leprosy patients.