Teacher Were not Able At Lower Secondary level

Jan 30, Kathmandu: The results of the advertisement made by the Teachers Service Commission last year for the selection of third-grade teachers have reached the final stage of publication.

The commission has already selected and appointed teachers of the secondary level and has recommended to the relevant agencies the appointment of teachers. After announcing the result of the written examination of the primary level, the schedule of the interview has been announced.

However, the Commission has not selected the required candidates even at the primary level until the interview.   After 13 thousand 287 people passed the general examination for the post, only 18 thousand 965 people appeared for the subject written examination. But only 11 thousand 724 candidates passed the written test and got selected for the interview. 1 thousand 563 fewer candidates have passed than the commission demanded.

There was no advertisement from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, or Lalitpur. However, out of the 74 districts advertised, only 19 districts have passed more candidates than the requirement, while the results of other districts are disappointing.

The Commission has advertised for 2,606 posts for the lower secondary level, but only 2,501 people have been successful. The Commission has recommended for an appointment that 105 posts will remain vacant than requested.

Out of the 1,552 posts advertised at the open secondary level, only 1,822 people have been recommended. The recommendation of 370 fewer teachers than the requirement has not only pointed to the growing distraction towards teachers, and the migration of qualified people to other professions but also the serious question of whether teachers will be available in the future or not.

Teachers Service Commission Regulation 11th Amendment Commission has a provision to conduct a general examination of 100 full marks, the subject test of 100 full marks, experimental and interview of 25-25 full marks, but the commission has been taking the interview as the final stage selection criteria.

Education Science and Technology Minister Shishir Khanal has expressed his concern saying that due to the poor learning of children, there has been a situation where they do not even pass the teacher's exam. He concluded that such children, who have grown up with miserable learning since class 1, do not even pass when they reach the age of becoming teachers.