Agreement To Postpone Proposal For Information Classification

Jan 30, Kathmandu: It has been agreed to postpone the proposal prepared for the classification of information and discuss it in a new way.

The information classification committee under the leadership of the chief secretary drew the attention of the Nepal government to the fact that government information was classified into 87 points. After drawing attention, a discussion was held with the concerned parties at the office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers on Monday afternoon.

During the discussion, the stakeholders drew the attention of the government that while classifying information, it should not be against Nepal's constitution and prevailing laws regarding the right to information and that the political system and democracy will be strengthened if real information is circulated.

In the discussion, the chief secretary of the Nepal government and coordinator of the committee, Shankardas Vairagi, said that they did not put forward the classification proposal to curtail the right to information but to organize the information. He expressed his commitment that the proposal will be revised taking into consideration the demands of the concerned parties.

In the discussion, the President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Bipul Pokharel, asked the Nepalese government to withdraw the classification proposal and discuss it in a new way, as the right to information has been arranged to empower the people in the democratic system.

During the discussion, an agreement was reached between the representatives of the government and the representatives of the communication sector to withdraw the proposal that has been advanced now and take a new proposal in agreement with the interested parties.

In the informal discussion held under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, the President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Vipul Pokharel, the Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, representatives of the Federation of Journalists, and representatives of the Prime Minister's press team were present.